Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

The Internet has a treasure trove of carbon calculators so we’ve assembled a list of our favorites.  Please try one or two of these to gauge your carbon footprint and then see what you can do to lower your footprint.

For Young People

Cool The World: Covers home and transportation from a kid point of view. Also shows improvements kids can make.

Meet The Greens: Covers information related to food, travel, recycling and more in a bright, interactive way. Carbon terms are explained in a manner kids can understand.

For Individuals or Households

Conservation International: Short calculator that factors in living conditions, automobile information and air travel.

Nature Conservancy: A little more detailed than the Conservation International and offers tips at the end for cutting your footprint.

EPA: This takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, gathering all kinds of information about your energy use.  Also has recommendations at the end.

Carbon Footprint: This calculator includes calculations for different regions of the world as well as motorbikes and train transport.